Attract & retain great people by issuing verified learning credentials.

Web3 verified learning credentials stay with the learner for life. AwardAssured's are based on open standards so achievements are not locked away in a proprietary system. Verifiable digital credentials are more valuable than just a badge.

This is the new standard for skills & qualifications credentials that will empower your learners, fully secured by blockchain.
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Award valuable verification of skills & qualifications.

We are not "just a badge"

We're proud to use open standards for Verifiable Credentials, your learner will own their own learning in their free learning wallet.

This means that your credentials will ALWAYS be available to the learner, and never reliant on any proprietary systems. After all, what's the use in even giving a badge if the learner can't fully benefit?

You will also have access to 8+ options of credential, including Award, Assessment, Course, Achievement and Certificate. This is way more than a badge.

View a comparison to badges and see that a Verified Learning Credential offers more credibility & better value to you and your learners.
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"We're on a mission to make sure that Learners can fully benefit from all their learning... and if Learners can fully benefit, that will benefit the educational institutions and employers that leverage this technology immeasurably more than they can imagine."
-Chris Booth, CEO, AwardAssured

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