Our mission: Learners should own and benefit from all their learning.

We're a team of product-focused creators who are passionate about learning. We've all experienced the chaos of trying to prove we have the skills and qualifications at some point in our lives. We decided to do something about it, for us, and for the generation to come.
We built Award Assured to address every single one of those problems in one sleek, user-friendly, efficient package. Our aim is that newly incentivised learners will now learn more, perform better and stay longer at great companies. Hiring and onboarding times will shorten due to verifiable learning proof.

Our Vision


We built our product to help people. We don't make SaaS products. We solve problems. We're here to make life easier for employers, educators and learners.


Our product is our hero— not marketing buzzwords or flashy packaging. A strong product is the foundation of our company (after all, we're developers and creators first, entrepreneurs second).

Meet the co-founders

Chris Booth

Co-founder & CEO
Chris has 25+ years experience in digital consultancy for enterprise & education, and 8+ years experience in learning management technology.

Chris is passionate about problem solving with technology in a way that really works for the user.

Tim Couper

Co-founder & CTO
Tim has over 20+ years’ experience in large scale solution/ infrastructure development and service delivery across a breadth of sectors.  

Tim Is passionate about driving real value and change through the latest technologies and industry-wide best practices.