Rewarding your learners, means...offering something more than just a badge.

Why send a badge when you can award a verified learning credential?

If you're currently giving a badge, or thinking of giving a badge to your users... then you need to re-think your strategy.

A badge may look the same as a verified credential at first sight, but these are important differences.

When you give a badge, you give something that's owned by the badging company and verified by them - whereas a verified credential is owned by you, it's backed by you, it is verified by you. Don't let go of your own reputation.

A Verified Learning Credential is so much more than just a badge. It's a 100% verifiable, secure record of their learning issued by you, owned by them and immutable.
Secured by blockchain
Learning results are secured by blockchain technology.
Built on Open Standards
We use the CLR and W3C VC standards. Badges rely on proprietary systems.

A whole world more options.

With a badging system you are limited to a badge. With a verified learning credential you can at last have greater control over the nature of the award. We have multiple award types, including:

Certificate of Completion
Community Service

A verifiable learning credential can also have an outcome, rather than just "Awarded", we can use "Passed", "Successful", "Distinction", or any other options of your own choice.

An AwardAssured verified credential is also lifelong-leaner ready whereas badges are not. It's able to be moved to any compatible learning wallet.

Included free, is our AwardAssured learning wallet app on both iPhone and Android. This will always be free for learners to store, share & prove their learning.
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Easy onboarding
Full support as standard

AwardAssured auto-suggests relevant skills for every qualification.

AwardAssured helps you up-skill your employees by improving completion percentages of soft skills courses.

Quick questions

Find a quick answer to some of the most common questions.
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What about GDPR?

All GDPR is handled by our unique system. All information is kept confidential and people can ask to be "forgotten" and still keep their qualification.

How does the learner receive the qualification?

A link will be emailed out to the recipient directly so they can collect the award, Push messages are also used on iOS and Android.

Does it slow my current process down?

You don't need to change your current process, and it's really quick to issue even thousands of verified credentials.

So this isn't just a badge?

No, this is a verifiable learning record that uses an open standard and actually belongs to your learner once issued. Although the learner does get a badge too!

Seamless integration with all your favourite tools

We do the tracking so you don't have to waste time manually logging data
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