Value for learners, means qualifications......and skills... and proof!

A student can easily prove qualifications and skills.

Our unique system auto-suggests skills for each qualification that you set up. Allowing your verifiable records of qualifications, to now have a verifiable record of skills. Your students will be able to store, show, share and prove their qualifications and skills, really easily.
Secured by encryption
Learning results are secured by blockchain technology.
Per learner pricing
Issue as many credentials per learner as you wish. Without restriction!

It's always free for students

Managing and issuing qualifications to your students is really easy, and best of all it's always free for learners to store, share, show and prove their qualifications and skills.
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Easy onboarding
Full support as standard

Set and achieve goals with ease

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Quick questions.

Find a quick answer to some of the most common questions.
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Who controls it?

The learning is issued by the educational institution to the student. It then belongs to the student to store, share and show in their own learning wallet. It can also be revoked by the issuer if needed.

How does sharing work?

Through the free AwardAssured wallet app, they will be able to share their learning with a potential employer with just a couple of button presses.

Is it a quick process?

Yes, we probably already have an integration to your system, if not, it's still pretty quick and easy to issue thousands of qualifications!

Is this just a badge?

No, this is a verifiable learning record that uses an open standard and actually belongs to your student once issued. Although the student does get a badge too!

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