Offering great learning, means...offering learning that has an ROI for both employer & employee.

Investing in careers makes great people stay longer.

Research shows that people leave companies that don't offer training that benefits their career. But you also have to make learners feel like they own those results too- and they can't feel that if it's locked up inside your LMS. Leverage those results now to attract and retain great people!
Secured by blockchain
Learning results are secured by blockchain technology.
Per learner pricing
No restrictions on how much training you certify!

Proud to use Web3 open standards.

There is no use taking qualifications out of one closed system to put it in another. That's why we use verified learning credentials that can be collected in any compatible learning wallet.

Our AwardAssured learning wallet app is always free for learners to store, share & prove their learning.
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Easy onboarding
Full support as standard

AwardAssured auto-suggests relevant skills for every qualification.

AwardAssured helps you up-skill your employees by improving completion percentages of soft skills courses.

Add value to your courses!

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Quick questions

Find a quick answer to some of the most common questions.
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What about GDPR?

All GDPR is handled by our unique system. All information is kept confidential and people can ask to be "forgotten" and still keep their qualification.

How does the learner receive the qualification?

A link will be automatically emailed out to the recipient. Simple.

Does it slow my current process down?

You don't need to change your current process, and it's really quick to issue even thousands of verified credentials.

Isn't this just a badge?

No, this is a verifiable learning record that uses an open standard and actually belongs to your learner once issued. Although the learner does get a badge too!

Seamless integration with all your favourite tools

We do the tracking so you don't have to waste time manually logging data
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