Frequently Asked Questions

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Which learning wallets do you support?

We support the free AwardAssured learner wallet.

We will add more wallets to this list once further wallets notify us they are compatible with the open standards.

Which open standards do you support?

We support Comprehensive Learner Record, Verified Credentials &Well-Known DID.

Can I revoke a credential?

Yes, Verified Learning Credentials include a process for revocation for those circumstance where this may be necessary.

Is any private information stored on the Blockchain?

No identifying information is stored on the blockchain, the only item written to the blockchain is a long text string that can not be used to identify a learner.

Can I back issue qualifications?

Yes, Verified Learning Credentials can be issued at anytime after successful completion by the Learner.

What's the difference between AwardAssured and badge companies?

Badge companies issue badges that only exist within their proprietary systems. The learner never actually owns the badge and therefore can't really take full advantage of it. Additionally, as they do not use the VLC open standards it's not really a learning data record... it's literally just a badge. In essence, they own the "badge", not you, and not the learner. See more information here.

How does the pricing work?

We price per learner per year. Once you have paid for the learner for the year you can issue as many qualifications to them as you wish!

Do you offer discounts for education & non-profits?

We do. We offer a sliding scale for education & non-profits based on your needs and size. Let's talk further.

Can I upgrade my plan after signing up?

You can. Just get in touch with our customer support team and they'll help you with the process.

What developer resources do you have?

We are working to have API's available for you to integrate with. We also offer a Learning Wallet white label service if you wish to offer a compatible branded Learning Wallet. Contact us at for more details.

Here's what you get from AwardAssured


Secure, verifiable, learning credentials

Digital qualifications issued through AwardAssured are secured by the Blockchain so they cannot be altered.

Always open standards

Never locked away in a proprietary system, learners own their results and can store, share & prove them forever.

Always happy to help

Our support is second to none. Our customer success team is here to guide you at every step, should you need them.

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